Online Grad School training resource Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy

SIGN UPLOG IN invites students into the beauty, emotion, symphony and complexity of therapeutic practice through interactive discussions, short guided courses, and live therapy demonstrations.

Interact with our internationally acclaimed therapists and the worlds largest library of narrative therapy, family therapy, couple therapy, supervision and mental health justice videos.

Your academic license offers Graduate Programs new and powerfully creative ways to:

  • Afford each student their own individual training and study dashboard
  • Increase live student interaction with leading international therapists
  • Work alongside professors in developing tailor-made courses
  • Boost your students deliberate practice interest outside the classroom
  • Bring interviews on race, class, gender and GBLTQ into your classroom
  • Transport current couple and family therapy practice into your classroom
  • Offer private VSNT faculty consultations in your virtual classrooms
  • Grow graduate student knowledge and practice confidence
  • Enrich student-to-student conversations in other graduate programs
  • Guide the rite of passage from student to the professional world of therapy

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  • offers complete access to our in-depth, comprehensive, interactive library of more than 500+ narrative therapy, family therapy and social justice training videos, Live interviews, Live therapy demonstrations and Live supervision analysis.
  • We help prepare your students and trainees towards a thriving, fulfilling and effective professional therapy practice.
  • We are the convenient streaming academic licensure subscription service supplying instant access to leading-edge training in the fields of Counselling, Family Therapy, and Social Work.