Hosts Stephen Madigan and David Nylund discuss Jerome Bruner’s huge influence on Michael White’s ideas on story, narrative structure and narrative therapy questions. The quickie workshop involves watching Michael’s 8minute discussion on stories and how landscape of action and landscape of identity questions are central to narrative therapy practice.

Vancouver School for Narrative therapy faculty and resident philosopher Todd May guides us through essentialism, individualism and Michel Foucault. VSNT members watch a one-of-a-kind 12-minute video of Todd teaching, then host VSNT faculty Stephen Madigan + guests + VSNT members jump into the conversation and interact with Todd.


This new series is co-hosted by philosopher Todd May and Stephen Madigan. Alongside various guests they explore the ideas of Michel Foucault and discuss how Michael White appropriated, reshaped, and mapped out his understanding of Foucault ideas onto the foundational practices of narrative therapy. Each week the series highlights a broad range of video clips of Michael’s workshops (1986-1994), VSNT faculty practice, and Todd’s discussions about Foucault – that collectively serve to kick off the conversation.

VSNT faculty Helene Grau, Stephen Madigan, David Marsten & David Nylund guide the membership into the mystery, beauty and complexities involved with developing Unique Outcome Questions and Reauthoring Conversations. The faculty comment and question on a narrative therapy session video clip of Stephen’s.

VSNT faculty Helene Grau, Stephen Madigan, David Marsten & David ‘Rock’ Nylund and the membership watch a wonderfully inspiring 6 minute video clip of Michael White discussing the practice of developing reauthoring conversations with a family. The mystery, beauty and complexities continue to unfold about the practice of Unique Outcome Questions and Reauthoring Conversations.

The 4th discussion in this series continues to highlight the influence Michel Foucault’s ideas had on the narrative therapy practice of Michael White. Philosopher Todd May guides the discussion on the shift from sovereign to modern practices power. The hour begins with a recent 14 minute VSNT training lecture with Todd in 2020 outlining the discussion.

VSNT faculty Helene Grau, Stephen Madigan & David Marsten and the membership watch a 5 minute video clip of Michael White discussing the structure of stories and a 10 minute video tape of how Stephen tracks stories and the practice knowledge and structure these stories are received into.

The purpose of this Developing Questions Live session is to continue VSNT faculty Helene Grau & David Rock Nylund’s demonstration of a method of VSNT supervision with selected pieces/questions reviewing part two of Stephen Madigan’s 12 minute couple therapy consultation and unaltered transcript. The membership will also supervise by asking questions about the Relational Interviewing questions Stephen asks the couples relationship.

The video demonstrates the practice of unique outcomes in Couple Therapy. Conflicted relational stories of the present are place alongside the relationships counter-memory and counter-storying.

It should be noted the session with Eve & Joel was (after their 6 sessions) the initial turning point away from more traditional methods of narrative therapy interviewing. Stephen’s practice began changing and creating what is now known as narrative therapy informed Relational Interviewing.

When watching this video they key is to hear the story of the problem presented by Angela (and how bulimia culturally recruits and the rules and tactics demanded within this lifestyle). And through your developing double listening skills – please listen to the problem story alongside numerous, initially thin, unique outcome moments and counter-story memory stories Angela develops, brightens and brings forward.