Workshop: The Craft of Therapeutic Letter Writing. David Nylund (USA) + Guests

About this Session

IMG-4963Interview with world-class narrative therapy letter writer and VSNT core faculty David Nylund (+ a special guest) on the fundamentals, meanings, and structures involved when therapists take up the beauty of crafting various and new forms of therapeutic letters.


David Nylund MSW, PhD


David Nylund MSW, PhD has been a practicing narrative therapist for 27 years. In depth study of narrative therapy theory and post-structuralism led him towards completing a PhD in Cultural Studies with an emphasis on feminist and queer theory at the University of California at Davis (whose faculty included Judith Butler). David is now a full…


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  1. Nina Tejs Jørring says:

    Hi David. I was just asked the other day about your article on economics and therapeutic letters. Did you ever write about it, or did you just make your own reserach on it? We asked our families at our Family Therapy Unit, what they thought our e-mails were worth. They had received “traditional” narrative family therapy for a while, and then we changed to writing letters after every session. They said a letter was worth about 1,5 session, and that was when we were still very inexperienced. But I think you got a higher number, is that right?


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