Foucault Series with Todd May #1A: Michel Foucault’s Ideas and Michael White’s Practice

About this Session

Michel FoucaultThis new series is co-hosted by philosopher Todd May and Stephen Madigan. Alongside various guests they explore the ideas of Michel Foucault and discuss how Michael White appropriated, reshaped, and mapped out his understanding of Foucault ideas onto the foundational practices of narrative therapy. Each week the series highlights a broad range of video clips of Michael’s workshops (1986-1994), VSNT faculty practice, and Todd’s discussions about Foucault – that collectively serve to kick off the conversation.


Todd May PhD

Todd on the set of the Good Place

Todd May is a faculty member and resident philosopher at the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. He was (until 2022) a Professor of Philosophy and is the author of seventeen philosophy books, including books on Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze. Todd continues to work as a grassroots organizer on numerous political issues, has taught philosophy in…


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Comments (2)

  1. says:

    Todd, Stephen and Michel! Unbeatable trio. Like I told Todd: When I try to read Focault myself I struggle, but when listening to Todd and Stephen I feel smart and believe that I get it. Thanks:)

    1. VSNT says:

      Thanks Gunnar. I also share the feeling of getting a much clearer understanding of Michel Foucault’s ideas under Todd’s guidance. I think this ongoing series outlining how Michael’s practice was shaped and heavily influenced by his reading of Foucault will be incredibly helpful to all of us who practice narrative therapy on a daily basis. And my hope is that it will demonstrate that without a firm knowledge of this connection between Michael and Foucault one’s narrative practice will be severely limited.


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