Transcript: Working with youth and families (Madigan, 1999)

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Workshop Slides from the TC13, 2016 Still Alive presentation with Helene Grau Kristensen & Lorraine HedtkeWe invite you to study Stephen Madigan’s questions from the therapy session with Ollie and his mother – up close. Try and track his intentions, ethics, ideology and purpose – through the questions he asks (and doesn’t ask). Compare the directions he decides to explore with his questions with the directions you may have preferred to go. Look for relative influence questions; landscapes of action and identity questions, evaluative questions, unique outcomes etc. etc.




Stephen Madigan MSW, PhD


Stephen Madigan is an award-winning narrative therapist and best-selling author of Narrative Therapy – theory and practice (2011, 2019 and – 3rd Edition published in 2023). He is the Director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy, content creator for, invented the new practice of narrative therapy-informed Relational Interviewing with couple relationships, and wrote…


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