Video: Early ideas on externalizing conversations (White, 1987) – Sample


by Stephen Madigan

In this 1987 lecture Michael White begins to clearly outline his steps away from ideas of structuralism and functionalism.

The problem is the problem the person is not the problem. Sounds simple right? In this small clip of Michael White’s 1987 lecture he begins to explain the concept of externalizing problems (and relative influence questions as a response). To fully experience the elegance of relationally externalizing problems the therapist must draw upon post-structural ideas regarding the constituted formation of the self and relationally situate the problem and person in a co-related discursive/cultural context. You will also get a small taste of him stepping away from foundational  psychological and systemic family therapy ideas grounded structuralism and functionalism. Treat yourself to a membership and watch the brilliance of his full lecture.

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