VSNT.live is a super engaged and supportive community of international therapists, supervisors, professors, and grad students discussing, debating, and demonstrating the latest narrative therapy practice ideas.


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  • ELin
    Elin Bjøru. Team Leader: Norway National Team for Conflicted Couples, Trondheim, Norway

    I just love VSNT.live!!!!! But be warned - VSNT.live can be very addictive!

  • download-1
    Laurie Markham. Co-author: Narrative Therapy in Wonderland, Los Angeles, USA

    On behalf of a younger generation of narrative therapists, thank you! I can’t believe what an incredible resource this is! We could spend every day of the rest of our lives watching VSNT and still not run out of material.

  • Helene
    Helene Grau Kristensen. Co-Director: Narrativ Praksis. Copenhagen, Denmark

    I love VSNT.live! This is the very best way to improve your narrative practice! Why? Because VSNT.live is so similar to the experience I had when I was participating and learning in so many of Michael White workshops!

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Our Vision

Teach Foundations and Advanced narrative therapy practice with individuals, couples, families and communities to graduate students, mental health practitioners, professors, and supervisors from our home base in Vancouver, B.C., Canada ~ to communities around the world, including Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Mexico, Norway, Spain and the USA.

VSNT.live Mission

Connect the international community of narrative therapy with the world’s best narrative therapy teachers and therapists. Interact 24/7 together through: Live session demonstrations, Live face-to-face workshops, lecture series, interview series, and clinical supervision.


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The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy shares their massive video archive filled with hundreds of Live therapy demonstrations, 30 years worth of narratives best workshops + one of a kind Michael White workshops, faculty training courses, supervision, and focused discussion series. Learn alongside hundreds of VSNT.live members dedicated to skilled practice, non-individualist theory and – a having fun!

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