What our members are saying about VSNT.live

“I love VSNT.live!

VSNT.live is a similar experience which I had when I was participating in Michael Whites workshops where I felt I got so connected to important learnings, inspiration and support in how I preferred to see and do conversations with people who seek therapy. I have been talking about the site in Denmark and urge therapists to register for a membership. I love VSNT.live! ”
Helene Grau Kristensen. Director: Narrativ Praksis. Copenhagen, Denmark

“Wish VSNT.live was around when I was learning narrative!

VSNT.live is a full on immersion experience into narrative therapy! As a professor, VSNT.live lends itself well to a classroom context as it moves the learning and supervision of the practice into creative new terrains.”
David Nylund PhD. Professor of Social Work and Clinical Director of the Gender Health Centre, Sacramento, California

“I was able to read, watch and discuss ideas and practices with other therapists from all over the world!!

VSNT.live is an amazing place for understanding, learning and practicing narrative therapy. VSNT.live is the new way of learning and teaching therapeutic ideas and practices!”
Ottar Ness. Professor Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Trondheim, Norway

“On behalf of a younger generation of narrative therapists, thank you!

I can’t believe what an incredible resource this is! We could spend every day of the rest of our lives watching VSNT and still not run out of material. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say you’ve created a heaven on earth for narrative practitioners. With the click of a button I can find myself surrounded by beloved ancestors, even those I never met, but whose blood seems to run through my veins and whose legacy I am a part of.”
Laurie Markham, Co-author: Narrative Therapy in Wonderland. Los Angeles, California

“Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece!

It’s only day 2 of VSNT.live for me and I’m already super-stoked about it! Each segment is like a precious gift to be carefully unwrapped and delectably savoured. VSNT.live has added a significant recreational and educational component to my life that I didn’t even realize I’d been missing.”
Warren Whyte: Nanaimo Narrative Therapy

“Exhaustiva, bien trabajada, útil!

Estamos ante una página única, histórica y que posibilitará la creación de múltiples historias terapéuticas y el fortalecimiento de múltiples identidades narrativas. La conversación continua, crece y se multiplica. VSNT.live allows for the creation of multiple therapeutic stories and the strengthening of multiple narrative identities. The conversation continues, and grows!”
Carlos Chimpén. Director: Masters Degree in Narrative Therapy and Community Work. University of Extremadura, Spain
Thank you all so much! VSNT site is a wonderful archive of narrative practice and such an inspiring approach to teaching and learning of narrative therapy. I think this is a great job! ”
Sharon King Leung. Co-Director: One year intensive narrative therapy course & Professor of Social Work. Hong Kong

“Be warned VSNT.live is highly addictive!!

The last month I have been reading articles, watching videos and enjoyed VSNT immensely! It is really satisfying to repeat something old, learn something new and through this process get a deeper understanding of narrative practice – because that is what is happening! I just love it!!!!!”
Elin Bjøru. Team Leader: Norway National Team for Conflicted Couples

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