Video: The politics of knowledge and creating co-research (Epston, 2017)

Length: 7 minutes

During an all day Anti-anorexia/bulimia workshop at Therapeutic Conversations 14, Anne Saxtorph from Copenhagen asks David a question regarding how unlike a normative therapist (or normative narrative therapist) he seems within a therapy session. David discusses his ideas on co-research and the politics of knowledge.

Video: How the ideas of Anti-anorexia Leagues began: (David Epston, 2017)

Length: 11 minutes

David Epston discusses how the only way a therapist can possibly begin to understand and respond to the deadly practices of a/b is through a careful and respectful listening of the insiders accounts of this torturous and deadly lifestyle. He discusses the circulation of these knowledges and the formation of his virtual Leagues.

Live Session: David Epston, 1995 (part 1)

Length: 12 minutes

David Epston meets with a young boy of 12 years old (and his psychiatrist). The young boy has been living in a psychiatric hospital in Sweden for over one year because of a relationship to anger and violence.

Live Session: David Epston, 1995 (part 2)

Length: 12 minutes

The next part of the live session David Epston begins to rework the troubled/violent reputation of the young boy and ask questions to help develop an alternative story line.

Live Session: David Epston, 1995 (part 4)

Length: 20 minutes

The fourth part of the live interview session David Epston begins find support of the counter-story by circulating the new story through letter writing.