Live Session: Consulting on homophobia in schools (Nylund, 2014)

Length: 13 minutes

David consults Zach on experiences of homophobia and dominant masculinity at their grade school in Sacramento, California. He and Zach discuss how neoliberal expectations on gender norms help produce cultural productions of bullying of non-normative gendered youth.

Reading: Resisting normativity (Nylund & Tilsen, 2010)

Length: 29 minutes

David Nylund & Julie Tilsen ushered in queer theory and taught our community what a queer informed practice of narrative therapy was. This paper is part of their 2010, TC9 conference keynote discussing queer ideas, identity and the actions involved in resisting normativity.

Reading: Poetic means to Anti-anorexic ends (Nylund, 2002)

Length: 30 minutes

This beautiful article chronicles David Nylund's Anti-anorexic practice of letter writing and the persons use of poems as counter-documents to help build a scaffolding with the purpose of getting free of the grip of anorexia.