Video: Histories of narrative therapy keynote (Madigan, 2014)


Length: 15 minutes

Stephen Madigan explores Michael White's ideological connection to second order cybernetics and the work of Gregory Bateson and - how it was that Michael and David Epston decided to turn away from 150 years of psychological theory, vocabulary and practice

Live Session: David Epston, 1995 (part 1)

Length: 12 minutes

David Epston meets with a young boy of 12 years old (and his psychiatrist). The young boy has been living in a psychiatric hospital in Sweden for over one year because of a relationship to anger and violence.

Live Session: David Epston, 1995 (part 2)

Length: 12 minutes

The next part of the live session David Epston begins to rework the troubled/violent reputation of the young boy and ask questions to help develop an alternative story line.

Audio: Introducing externalizing conversations lecture (White, 1992) – Sample


Length: 9 minutes

Michael White landed on a rather cheeky idea that the person was not the problem . . . the problem was the problem. Simple right? Hmmmm - not so fast. Two decades before his brief foray into maps, Michael's workshops focused almost entirely on the politics and practice behind locating problems and persons within cultural, contextual and relational contexts.