Live Session: Stephen Madigan, 1999 (part 1)

Length: 16 minutes

Stephen conducts a live externalizing interview with an 11 year old boy Ollie (and his mother) who has been mandated by the courts to seek therapy after a charge of battery. Watch Stephen relationally externalizes 'trouble' and demonstrate relative influence and evaluative questions within the landscapes of action and identity - and plots out troubles potential losses as well as the boys's preferred ethics and reputation.

Audio: Landscape of Action and Consciousness (White, 1991)

Length: 14 minutes

In this 1991 lecture, Michael White outlines the theory and practice surrounding his use of relative influence questions, landscape of action and consciousness (identity) questions, and those sneaky and beautiful alternative stories that do not fit with the problem story known as - unique outcomes.

Audio: Landscape of action and consciousness (White, 1991)

Length: 14 minutes

Drawing on the work of Jerome Bruner, Michael White found a structure to enter into client stories and construct a scaffold for his question. The structure involved Bruner's ideas on the composition of narrative stories through the landscape of action and landscapes of identity.