Live Session: Consulting on homophobia in schools (Nylund, 2014)

Length: 13 minutes

David consults Zach on experiences of homophobia and dominant masculinity at their grade school in Sacramento, California. He and Zach discuss how neoliberal expectations on gender norms help produce cultural productions of bullying of non-normative gendered youth.

Live Session: David Epston, 1995 (part 1)

Length: 12 minutes

David Epston meets with a young boy of 12 years old (and his psychiatrist). The young boy has been living in a psychiatric hospital in Sweden for over one year because of a relationship to anger and violence.

Live Session: David Epston, 1995 (part 2)

Length: 12 minutes

The next part of the live session David Epston begins to rework the troubled/violent reputation of the young boy and ask questions to help develop an alternative story line.

Live Session: David Epston, 1995 (part 4)

Length: 20 minutes

The fourth part of the live interview session David Epston begins find support of the counter-story by circulating the new story through letter writing.

Live Session: Stephen Madigan, 1999 (part 1)

Length: 16 minutes

Stephen conducts a live externalizing interview with an 11 year old boy Ollie (and his mother) who has been mandated by the courts to seek therapy after a charge of battery. Watch Stephen relationally externalizes 'trouble' and demonstrate relative influence and evaluative questions within the landscapes of action and identity - and plots out troubles potential losses as well as the boys's preferred ethics and reputation.

Live Session: Stephen Madigan, 1999 (part 2)

Length: 13 minutes

Stephens session with an 11 year old boy and his mother takes a dramatic turn when the mother risks introducing a context of racism that is shaping the treatment of her son (and his reputation) within his school and the courts.