Series with Aaron Munro #1: Understanding relationships with poverty, homelessness and trauma with

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ebac6ae24e7dfef8b0bdf55db120b4acVSNT faculty Aaron Munro (and guests) begin a new series based on his book Bad Manners. The book and the series are presented through Aaron’s personal stories as a queer/trans activist working in Canadas’s poorest urban neighbourhood. The series encounters his transition from female to male, and what he has learned over 17 years of work about trauma, addiction, violence, poverty, opioid deaths, and mental health stigma – based entirely on the grace and relationships he experienced with the shelter-less people he worked with.

Excerpt of first story we will discuss:

“And so, I met Laura, and my life changed. Laura was a woman who lived in the DTES (Downtown Eastside), and she was heavily addicted to crack cocaine. She was someone who heard voices, which didn’t say very nice things to her. Her own head told her repeatedly of her failings and society managed to keep up in stride with these voices. The fact we separate what voices say and how people experience our negative relations to them feels like the definition of insanity to me. We pathologize people so much, we can’t imagine that our ways of being with them might affect them. Why is it so hard once someone has been labelled with mental health issues, addiction, race, or gender issues for society to imagine that environmental factors or how we treat them is creating the condition that is harming them?”


Aaron Munro

Aaron Munro

Aaron Munro is Queer and Trans identified, a longtime VSNT faculty member and has a Masters degree in Narrative Therapy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. For more than 17 years he has worked with people who are unhoused and made dependant due to various forms of traumatic experience and adversity. Aaron has produced several documentaries on these…


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Comments (4)

  1. VSNT says:

    I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to being a part of Aaron’s series. I’ve known him for a decade and he is always both the smartest and funniest person in the room (:

  2. Norman Wayne Ikebuchi says:

    Where can we purchase Aaron’s book?
    I can’t seem to find it anywhere


    1. Aaron Munro says:

      Hi Norman,

      It’s not published yet… still waiting to hear back from the publisher I’m hoping will deal with my messy writing and bad spelling. 🙂

      Thanks for the interest! Hopefully they feel interested and if they don’t I will just have Stephen add it to his monthly Narrative newsletter! In reality more people would probably read it that way anyways. 😉


      1. VSNT says:

        I have full confidence Bad Manners will be published. I also like the fact that Todd May has offered to help out with his list of publisher contacts.


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