Series: Live Workshop Developing Questions #10: ‘Hovering’ Questions

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NYLUND PICThis week VSNT faculty Helene Grau & Stephen Madigan offer questions and reflections on David Rock Nylund’s session tape showing a practice on ‘how to hover’. VSNT considers the understanding and practice of developing hovering questions at the very heart of narrative therapy. Rock’s practice video clip highlights how to hover and points out where he could have hovered even more. His recent session tape involves a person in relationship with anxiety after detoxing from Kratom (a natural opioid/plant to help with mood – with lot of side effects). The tape highlights landscape of identity questions about his mental fortitude (his words) in the developing story of he managed coming off Kratom.

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  1. says:

    Thanks a lot all of you for sharing your work, I was really transported back to the simplicity (yet det the difficulties) of asking questions. For some reason I was brought back to why I love working narratively. “Hovering”, for which we do not have a good word in Norwegian, going down these paths that do not lead a spesific way, but open up the minds of both parties. And also bringing in “intuition”:)
    Love y`all.

  2. VSNT says:

    Thanks Gunnar. Yes David (Rock) asks questions and responds to his client in the tape he showed in ways that seems simple, however once we began to ask questions about his questions in the followup discussion we realize when he unfolds to us the receiving context he uses to hear and experience the story is quite complex and filled with levels and scaffolds filled with theory and practice knowing.

    Yes we invented the word hovering to replace Michael’s word of loitering (as loitering is a crime in Canada – Ha!). And hovering as you know means staying in one place of the experience/story we are hearing/receiving and not go anywhere. To deeply enrich the conversations with curiosity and questions to see where this leads us.

    Please let us know when you find the Norwegian word for hovering (:


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