Series: Live Workshop Developing Questions #9 – Questions of Re-membering & Values

About this Session

Marsten-cropped-2This week VSNT faculty Helene Grau, Stephen Madigan, David Marsten and David Rock Nylund change up the Developing Questions series plan a little bit. Due to David M’s supervision responsibilities with his team in Los Angeles this will be his last day in the series (but he promises to come back when he can!) David volunteered all of us a parting gift by showing a session tape of his interviewing work. The membership watch a 10 minute video clip of David’s re-membering values work and then we will discuss and question the structure and foundation of his questions.


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Comments (4)

  1. VSNT says:

    Thanks so much to our colleague David Marsten for stepping up and showing the membership a beautiful narrative session conversation between an Iranian mother and her 23 year old first generation American son. The tape was the reflective surface to discuss so may valuable ideas concerning family therapy, respecting cultural values, normalization and a wide range of questions and comments on the many types of questions David asked in the interview. Whew!

    Due to the confidential content of the session we only had families permission to show the videotape live. And . . . this only goes to show how watching our Developing Questions conversation in real time has its advantages (:

    Many thanks again David to you and this family.

  2. Norman Wayne Ikebuchi says:

    Is it possible to get a transcript of the session discussion without the confidential material?


    1. VSNT says:

      Hello Norman. We will ask David if a transcript is available and if one is – with his permission we will post it. Thanks.

  3. michaelmorar says:

    Sorry I missed seeing this live conversation with David. I look forward to seeing it.


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