Series: Todd May on Merleau-Ponty#2: Why Michael White’s choice to use Derrida in the Absent but Implicit is severely limiting.

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imageVSNT philosopher Todd May proposes why Michael White’s choice to use ideas from Jacques Derrida (and deconstruction) as the basis for the key narrative therapy practice concept known as the Absent but Implicit is – limiting. As an alternative, he directs us towards the ideas of philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Co-hosted with Stephen Madigan, the discussion has the potential to change and expand upon the future of narrative therapy practice.


Todd May PhD

Todd on the set of the Good Place

Todd May is a faculty member and resident philosopher at the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. He was (until 2022) a Professor of Philosophy and is the author of seventeen philosophy books, including books on Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze. Todd continues to work as a grassroots organizer on numerous political issues, has taught philosophy in…


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Comments (3)

  1. VSNT says:

    I think I can speak on behalf of the other veteran members who showed up to hear Todd converse on Merleau-Ponty and why we need to consider his theories over Derrida’s when working with the practice of the Absent but Implicit – as true earth shakingly good learning experience. I mean what Todd’s asking us to think about opens up SO many possibilities for narrative [practice. Since we were all left excited and bewildered we are assembling the same crew together for April 28th where Todd has suggested we run the live session as a Q&A.
    I HIGHLY recommend you watch episode #2 before this next live session with Todd.
    Hope you’ll come out and see what all the fuss is about (:

  2. VSNT says:

    Hi Norman: were you able to watch the video now that it’s been posted? We initially had a wee bit of trouble with Vimeo whose hosting this video. Please let us know. Thanks.

  3. jane.a.marion says:

    I would really love to talk to someone about these ideas more now. Give me a shout if you’re down to discuss.


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