Live Interview: Discussions on feminism, gender and power with Rachel Hare-Mustin

About this Session

Hare-MustinRachelprofileRachel Hare-Mustin wrote the first significant feminist article to be published in the field of Family Therapy. Rachel has been widely recognized for her contributions to the debate on gender, power and the meaning of difference. Victoria Dickerson & Stephen Madigan interviewed Rachel in 2006, at Therapeutic Conversations 7 in Vancouver, Canada. 1) Describes the history of feminist ideas in therapy. 2) Explains different forms of feminist approaches. 3) Demonstrates the use of feminism in therapy.

Therapists in this Session

Stephen Madigan MSW, PhD


Stephen Madigan is an award-winning narrative therapist and best-selling author of Narrative Therapy – theory and practice (2011, 2019 and – 3rd Edition published in 2023). He is the Director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy, content creator for, invented the new practice of narrative therapy-informed Relational Interviewing with couple relationships, and wrote…

Rachel Hare-Mustin PhD


Rachel Hare-Mustin has published in many areas of feminist psychology, but her work continues to be driven by social issues, mostly pertaining to women and the family.  She has adopted a postmodern feminist position, and has been recognized as one of the foremost experts in this branch of epistemology and critique.  The Theoretical and Philosophical…

Victoria Dickerson PhD


Victoria Dickerson was the President of the American Family Therapy Academy (2017-2019), from whom she received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.  She has been the director of two family and narrative therapy training centres, working with students/interns and hosting numerous Michael White workshops and other International speakers. Vicky was one of a small handful…


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