Interview with Jeff Zimmerman (USA): Neuro-Narrative Therapy – New Possibilities for Emotion-Filled Conversations

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JEFF Z TEACHINGInterview with legendary narrative therapist Jeff Zimmerman on why he believed it was important for narrative therapy to write his new book: Neuro-Narrative Therapy – New Possibilities for Emotion-Filled Conversations.


Jeff Zimmerman


Jeff Zimmerman is considered at the top of the list of veteran narrative therapist/teachers in North America. He lives in the Mission district of San Francisco, California where can see upwards of 150 live music shows each year. Jeff began his apprenticeship with Michael White in 1988 and became Michael’s closest friend in North America. Jeff…


February 18, 2019 at 11:00 am

Pacific Time


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  1. brig wood says:

    I think this stuff (and the next interview you have with Jeff) is utterly fascinating. I read Jeff’s book too (which is great’ and really innovative); there is also an excellent article by David Denborough in the Dulwich mag (an edition dedicated purely to ‘neuro’ NT) which takes Jeff and others to task re some aspect of the ‘neuro-NT’ pairing. I find the entire conversation to be extremely valuable insofar as it opens up and brings attention to how NT accommodates (or ‘could better’ accommodate) emotion/affect, the body/embodiment, and the whole tricky area of the ‘non conscious’.

    I’ve spent the last year on a personal project of combining aspect of ACT with NT. ACT is values directed like NT, and like the work of Jeff Zimmerman and co, it is very big on mindfulness, the emodiment of affect and so forth. (there are however aspects of ACT that are too ‘therapist as expert’ driven for my liking). And I have to say, my practice is all the better for it.

    This video interview (and the next one) are from a while back I realise. I would have loved it (as Stephen suggested in the first vid) if this had turned into a series. Maybe another some time in the future?



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