Series: Live Workshop Developing Questions # 3 – Meaning and purpose of Externalizing Conversations

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Michael and me 1991Many would agree that the one-of-a-kind 1992 workshop highlighting part 3 of our VSNT Developing Questions Series is one of Michael’s clearest and best explanations of externalizing questions. Michael discusses the structure, purpose, history and meaning of specific relational externalizing practices by way of case examples. Helene Grau, Stephen Madigan & David Nylund host the discussion and continue their investigations into the art and craft of narrative therapy questions.


Michael White

Michael picture

Michael White (29 December 1948 – 4 April 2008). Australian social worker, family therapist and first editor of the Australia New Zealand Family Therapy Journal. Michael is the founder and creative ideological force of both the theory and practice of narrative therapy. To his credit he figured out and created the large majority of narrative…


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Comments (4)

  1. VSNT says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed discussing Michael’s 1992 workshop on externalizing conversations as a response to the practices of expert knowledge and the objectification of persons. Relational externalizing placed narrative therapy on the road away from 100 years of psychological knowledge and practice. Many thanks to David, Helene and the membership for todays conversation. Cheers!

  2. Norman Wayne Ikebuchi says:

    Thanks for this material.

    Was there a video of the discussion that was recorded for this event?


  3. Maureen Boettcher says:

    Yes is there a video of the discussion?
    Only Michael’s lecture here not the VSNT’s discussion

  4. VSNT says:

    Ha! Deep apologies. We are looking for this discussion video. If it vaporized into the Zoom atmosphere we plan to have a re-do commentary. Cheers!


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