Lorraine Hedtke Keynote: The Failure of Grief (TC16, 2019 )

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Lorraine Hedtke picLorraine Hedtke’s  BIG Narrative Therapy TC16 conference Keynote in Vancouver, 2019 was entitled the The Failure of Grief. It could also be called the failure of modernism and grief psychology. A hard hitting critique that offers us an alternative and contemporary expression of narrative therapy practice situated within post-structural theory.


Lorraine Hedtke PhD

Lorraine Hedtke pic

Lorraine Hetdke has turned the entire field of grief psychology completely upside down with her new practice specializing in work with people who are dying and with families after a loved one has died. She is a Professor at California State University San Bernardino, and Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy core faculty member. Lorraine is…


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