Handout: A few Anti-anorexia questions. Stephen Madigan (Canada)

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SM photo copyBack in the mid-1990’s while Stephen was working part time on a hospital in-patient adult psychiatric disordered eating ward, he worked alongside a student intern doing their Social Work practicum and getting supervision from him. One of their assignments was to write down Stephen’s questions he asked in the Anti-anorexia + Multiple family groups he was running on the inpatient ward.


Stephen Madigan MSW, PhD


Stephen Madigan is an award-winning narrative therapist and best-selling author of Narrative Therapy – theory and practice (2011, 2019 and – 3rd Edition published in 2023). He is the Director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy, content creator for VSNT.live, invented the new practice of narrative therapy-informed Relational Interviewing with couple relationships, and wrote…


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