Slides: Gender and Sex 
Binaries. David Nylund (USA)

About this Session

David nylundSenior Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy faculty David ‘Rock’ Nylund developed a queer informed narrative therapy practice that challenges public sensibilities towards the relationship between sex, gender, and sexuality in the social context with the intent of changing hegemonic understandings of gender and sexual identities. He offers you slides on Gender and Sex 
Binaries that outline and argues against the notion of fixed identities, claiming instead that identity is constructed, multiple, and fluid. We have also added his paper on a queer informed narrative therapy theory. Enjoy.


David Nylund MSW, PhD


David Nylund MSW, PhD has been a practicing narrative therapist for 27 years. In depth study of narrative therapy theory and post-structuralism led him towards completing a PhD in Cultural Studies with an emphasis on feminist and queer theory at the University of California at Davis (whose faculty included Judith Butler). David is now a full…


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