Video: Expert knowledge (White, 2005)

Length: 5 minutes

Michael White discusses the traditional 'surface and depth' concept at the heart of internal state psychologies practice and - those therapies based in expert knowledge and individualism

Audio: Discussion on diagnosis (DeShazer and White, 1992)

Length: 18 minutes

There were always comparisons between Solution Focused and Narrative Therapy that - Steve De Shazer and Michael White did not necessarily agree with. This rare recording is an excerpt of Steve DeShazer & Michael White discussing diagnosis.

Audio: The issue of power (DeShazer & White, 1992)

Length: 7 minutes

This is the first and only taped public interview/discussion involving Steve DeShazer and Michael White (1992). Their discussion on the subject of power clearly illustrates a primary and distinct difference between Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.